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The Stage 1 billet head includes everything you see in the picture. Including a 1.350" stainless steel intake valve and a 1.080" stainless steel exhaust valve that have a long history of dependability and durability in the karting industry. The back cut valves close on 3 angle copper seats that have a much higher thermal conductivity than any other seat material.

It also includes time tested and industry proven dual valve springs. The springs sit in pockets and have steel shims under them to prevent wear from the springs against the aluminum. They are toped off with aluminum retainers and steel valve locks.

The heads all come with 1.25 : 1 ratio shaft mounted roller rockers. When these roller rockers are matched with a .315" lift camshaft the result is almost .390" lift at the valve. 

After wrestling with pushrods jumping out of the 1/4' x 28" valve adjusters for way too long that problem has been solved by making special custom valve adjusters. The end of the adjuster has an integral cup for the push rod to be captured in. The end of the lash adjuster where the push rod sits is slightly larger so the cup for the push rod is stronger.

It also includes 4 metric head studs and nuts, the correct spark plug, and a 4 bolt exhaust flange with bolts. 

It doesn't use conventional intake and exhaust gaskets, rather it uses high temp silicone rubber "O" rings. 

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