"THE MISSING LINK" Throttle linkage kit

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This throttle linkage kit has unique features not found on other products. It has unique cable slack adjusters at both ends that allow you to fine tune the cable length to get just the right amount of throttle opening. 

They also allow you to adjust the idle speed on the grid without using a screw driver. They are not compression fittings so you can remove the plastic cable housing and replace it as many times as you like.

Removing the engine is easy since it uses two of the existing mounting holes for the black cover. Many other linkage kits require you to remove the black metal engine cover to get at the nuts on the bottom side. Just remove the two bolts, unscrew the slide nut on the carb and lay the entire assembly in the seat.

It also has a unique cable splice that makes splicing the cables a snap.

1. BLACK Powder coated bracket
2. Custom slack adjusters
3. One 72" Braided throttle cable with barrel end
4. One Unique cable splice
5 One Plastic cable housing to carb.


Because of the long slide used to control the amount of throttle opening on the kid kart engines throttle control is very difficult for the driver. The slightest movement of the pedal opens the throttle all the way. It's either at idle or wide open. Max opening only requires about .300" of pedal movement.

This throttle linkage kit fixes that issue. It gives the driver excellent throttle control.

If you move the pedal 1/2 way the slide open .150" . If you move the pedal all the way the slide opens all the way. It comes with the linkage bracket, 2 cable slack adjuster, one throttle cable to fit the carb, the plastic tubing from the carb to the
linkage kit and two cable clamps.

It also works great on the other long slides. Purple, Blue, Green, Gold Etc.

*To keep dirt from entering the carb through the throttle cable and also to help prevent the throttle cable from sticking you can put a rubber boot over the end of the rear slack adjuster. Just take the one that comes with the carb or fuel pump and put a small hole in it for the cable to go through. Twist a piece of safety wire over it to hold it in position. You can also use a plug for a vacuum fitting from the local auto parts store.


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