Deck Extension (with Cooling Fins)

  • Regular price $49.95

These deck extensions can be used to improve the connecting rod ratio by allowing you to use a 4.5" long connecting rod. This deck extension fits the animal, World formula and model 15 block with the 3.00 inch or larger bore. Welding and machine work is required.

Additional parts you may want:

Sleeve for the model 15 to make it a 3" bore or larger $69.95

4.5" billet connecting rod $139.95

3.0075" Wiseco Forged Piston, rings and wrist pin  $139.95

ARC Billet stroker crank (the best one) $384.95

Blocks support for Behind the flywheel $64.95

10 ounces of epoxy for block support $21.95

FM Billet side cover $159.95