206 Super Stock Engine Kit

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The most important thing i can tell you is that this kit will increase the horsepower by 37% and it's pull start.

There is no machine work involved. It's as simple as take out the old parts and put in the new ones. (You can probably switch out the parts yourself.) You don't have to pay an engine builder to do all that machine work.

There is no "black magic" carb work that needs to be done!

It will make more horsepower than a blueprinted Animal.

It's pull start. No need to buy an expensive electric starter.

I'll provide detailed instructions. I will also provide detailed rules if you want to start this class at you local track.


- High compression (10.5 : 1) domed piston and rings
- Higher lift cam and matched valve springs.
- Complete gasket set
- Billet connecting rod
- Piston Rings
- Your choice of:
Red World formula coil with 7100rpm rev limiter (557125)
Blue Animal coil with no rev limiter 12000rpm (555681)

Want an additional 1 Horse power?
Select the available Methanol Jet Kit (add $34.95)

You should be able to reuse your original wrist pin and clips but if you want a new one, select the available Wrist Pin (add $5.00)

Pistons are also available for sale separately.
Please see Domed Pistons Page HERE.

(available for $99.95 each in following sizes:)
- Standard Bore
- 0.005” Oversize
- 0.010" Oversize
- 0.020" Oversize