Optimized (Blueprinted) Carburetors for LO206

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This is the Briggs Factory Part #555658 Carburetor Assembly for LO206 engines. (*for reference, please refer to Racing Performance Catalog & Reference Guide on the Briggs & Stratton website)


BLACK Slide, Senior Class (fully open) only $149.95

RED Slide, opens .440"
includes RED SLIDE 555733 Valve Throttle

BLUE Slide, opens .520"
includes BLUE SLIDE 555734 Valve Throttle

GREEN Slide, opens .490"
includes GREEN SLIDE 555740 Valve Throttle

GOLD Slide, opens .570"
includes GOLD SLIDE 555741 Valve Throttle

Jr LO206 Slide, opens .285"
includes BLACK SLIDE 555728 Valve Throttle

Jr LO206 Slide, opens .310"
includes BLACK SLIDE 555732 Valve Throttle

*For all of the classes using a long slide, $169.95 price also includes machining the slide stop to get maximum slide opening and horsepower.




Slide Gauge $19.95
For all the slides (except the senior) I strongly suggest you also purchase the correct Slide Gauge so you can check that the slide opening is at the MAXIMUM BUT NOT OVER the legal limit. PURCHASE YOUR GAUGE HERE!


Locking Cap $12.00 

Often required by club race rules, all the carbs (except the senior) require a locking cap to stay legal.