Animal and World Formula Billet Heads

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These heads have been scientifically designed on a clean sheet of paper. These heads are not a modified copy of something else.

First of all you can see that they look different than any other head on the market. THEY HAVE COOLING FINS for a reason.They help to help keep the head cool and cool head helps to produce a denser intake charge which produces more horsepower.There isn't an other aftermarket billet head available with cooling fins.

The ports are designed with virtually no corners or turns so the fuel and air charge don't have to make any turns to get into or out of the combustion chamber. The straight ports provide maximum flow at a high velocity. Any one can make a head with big ports.The trick is to make a port that has maximum flow while maintaining high velocity. Just making a bigger port may look good on the flow bench but that huge port kills the velocity and makes the motor a dog off the corner.

The Non-Beryllium- Copper Valve Seats are non toxic and are made from the same material that Cup engines use.

The seats have +3x the Heat Conductivity of Steel Seats to Help Pull Heat Out of Valves.The copper valve seats are machined with 4 angles to produce maximum flow, velocity and horsepower. The copper valve seats also seal better than seats made of harder material. The head accepts stock rockers or roller rockers while using a stock valve cover. No spacers or adapters are required. However, a Billet valve cover is available. The head comes completely assembled.

The 6 mm valve stems provide strength while allowing excellent flow. The valves are also back cut for more flow and horsepower. The intake valve is 1.300" and the exhaust valve is 1.080" They can be ordered in stainless steel or the ultimate in performance --- Titanium.

One common problem with the stock Animal heads is that the exhaust pipe tend to come loose. This often destroys the threads in the head and often results in a DQ or a DNF.

This head comes with a header flange that uses 3 bolts to secure the pipe to the head and there are 2 places on the head to mount header braces. No more loose exhaust pipes.

The head also includes an intake manifold that accepts a flat slide carb. If you want to use a Tilly carb I have a flange for that also.

For the ultimate cylinder head I also have Titanium valve option. They are literally ½ the weight and twice the strength of steel valves. Although I’m not recommending it, with the Ti valves you can rev the engine to 10,500 rpms without valve float. (See: Animal Titanium valves)

This head makes 5 more horsepower than a stock casting head. They are available with a 15 cc combustion for smaller displacement engines or a 25 cc Combustion chamber for 3” bore or larger stroker motors.

Usually ships within 3 days. I have to know if you want Ti valves or stainless steel valves. If you want roller rockers or stamped steel stock rockers. The valve springs will be determined by what rockers you choose.

So Many Think Putting Big Valves In a Head and Doing Some Grinding Makes a Good Head.
In Reality there is So Much More to It. If You Are Going to Invest In a Performance Head, Make it The Best. 


These heads are fully assembled and ready to bolt on your engine. The valve springs will be installed for which ever type of rocker arms you choose (Either standard rocker arms or 1.25 : 1 Roller Rocker Arms) and QPT Motor mount. Available in the 15 degree version for the current design chassis with international spacing.




Faster Motors Breather Bypass Kit $39.95 (highly recommended)

Head Bolt kit (Allen bolts) and HD thick washers $19.95

Ti Valves $299.95

Roller Rockers 1.25 : 1 ratio $189.95

Upgraded valve springs for Roller Rockers $19.95

0.310" lift high perf cam recommended when using 1.25 : 1 roller rockers $129.95

Billet lifters $21.95 pair

Chromolly Push Rods $28.95

28mm flat Slide Blueprinted Carb $189.95

Air filter adaptor $19.95

Air filter $12.95

Faster Motors Header Pipe $54.95

Billet Aluminum Valve Cover $124.95