LO206 Junior "Kid Kart" Engine Package BUNDLE

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 We're more than just motors, we can also get you ALL THE STUFF YOU NEED to get the engine on a kart and start running laps at the front of the pack!  

Start your bundle with OVER $50 IN SAVINGS on the base package and then SAVE EVEN MORE when you bundle your exact options, and all the expert prep that goes with it!

Briggs & Stratton LO206 Racing Engine for "Kid Kart" Class Racing

• Kid Kart motor
• w/4100 PVL Coil
• Recoil Starter
• RLV Spec Pipe 5507
• RLV Spec Muffler 4104
• RLV Exhaust Brace Kit
• Locking Cap
• Spec Air Filter
• Kid Kart Black Slide (#555732, opening .310")
• Fuel Pump
• Fuel Lines
• Fuel Pump Pulse Fitting
• Fuel Filter
• Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Muffler Clamp
• Drilled Header Bolts
• Header Gasket
• Choke Return Spring
• Heavy-Duty Chain Guard
• Chain Guard Bolts
• Protective Header Sleeve

PLUS you can bundle with our Expert Engine Setup Services with Break-in and Dyno Testing for just $120!

• Optimize Carburetor for maximum horsepower
• Check ignition timing for best performance
• Locate fuel pump for best fuel line routing
• Check and adjust coil air gap
• Maximize slide opening
• Align carburetor opening for best flow
• Valve Lash adjustment
• Proper Engine Break-In
• Testing and Dyno-tuning

PLUS you can bundle with Additional Race-Ready Equipment including:

Add RLV 106-link #35 Chain *required by rules (+add $19)
Add 57-Tooth Rear Sprocket *required by rules (+add $15)
Add Fully Adjustable Motor Mount (from 5- to 15- degrees) (+add $80)

And don't forget to check out these Recommended Accessories:

Carburetor Float Gauge $19.95

Throttle Cable Kit (for European Style Throttle Setups) $12.95

"Missing Link" Throttle Linkage Kit (for Kid Kart)  $39.95 

Nylon Pre Filter  $11.95

Briggs & Stratton 4T Kart Racing Oil  $15.00/quart