DynoCams Camshafts - MOD1 (Tool Steel Billet, Animal Core)

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• The MOD1 has a very wide power band that makes slightly more top end than the 308 grind, and is easy on the valve train. The MOD1 requires an upgraded spring package, billet rod, and billet flywheel.
• Tool Steel Billet cores are the best choice in high RPM applications.
• The two piece design of the Tool Steel Billet core allows you to advance or retard the cam to meet your application needs.


Engine:                                Briggs Intek OHV

Recommended Class:        Modified

Target (MAX) RPM:             9000

Spring Pressure (In / Ex):   34-36 lbs

Valve Lash (In/Ex):              0.003"

Ignition Timing:                   30-32 Deg BTDC



                         Intake         |       Exhaust

Open:          42.0 BTDC            78.0 BBDC

Close:          83.5 ABDC           46.0 ATDC

Lift:              0.310"                   0.310"

C/L:              108.0 ATDC          108.0 BTDC

DUR @50:   247.6 Deg             247.6 Deg