DynoCams Camshafts - Animal 002 Original

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• The AN002 grind is a WKA Spec Cam for the Animal Stock class with a more aggressive ramp rate. This cam is very close to max profile specs, producing more bottom and mid-range. The top end is the same as the AN001.
• Used for gold and unrestricted applications.
• The Lobes on this Cam are Welded for extra durability.
• This cam doesn't have the compression release installed.


Engine:                                Briggs Intek OHV

Recommended Class:        Stock/Junior

Target (MAX) RPM:             6800-7200

Spring Pressure (In / Ex):   20 lbs

Valve Lash (In/Ex):              0.003"

Ignition Timing:                   28-29 Deg BTDC



                          Intake          |       Exhaust

Open:             23.7 BTDC           65 BBDC

Close:             56.8 ABDC            20.4 ATDC

Lift:                 0.2565"                 0.2565"

C/L:                 105.6 ATDC          114.8 BTDC

DUR @50:      210.1 Deg              216.2 Deg

DUR @200:    103.9 Deg             107.4 Deg